Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gifts from L'Artisan Parfumeur

What smells like heaven on you often ends up in someone else’s ’re-gift’ pile, so as fragrance fanatics, we rarely recommend giving the gift of perfume or cologne for the holidays, unless the recipient specifically asks for it; if you know your giftee-to-be's fave fragrance, so does everyone else. Does anyone really need 12 bottles of their favorite fragrance under the tree? Do not despair…"Scent-a Claus" is here. The Ca Fleure Bon’s Cyber Monday Gift Guide that will surely please even the pickiest perfumistas and discriminating connoisseurs. Tested and approved…all you do is point and click:

Les Objets

Liza Wade, ContributorL' Artisan Parfumeur's Amber Balls are at the top of my list as a personal holiday gift.  Designed and created by mother and daughter in Paris, these are the ultimate artisnal gift, handcrafted from terra cotta. They waft a beautiful amber scent that lasts about a year, and the refillable scent "crystals" can be purchased separately.

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