Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get Ready to be Mad....

When People Magazine contacted us last year to tell us that they were interviewing Christina Hendricks from Mad Men and she noted L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Premier Figuier as her favorite perfume, all we could do was blush!

In the New York office of L’Artisan Pafumeur, we were already big fans of Ms. Hendricks and the Mad gang, and while Ms. Hendricks may prefer to wear our perfume out of costume, I personally love the idea of Joan slinking around Sterling Cooper and teasing everyone’s nose with the scent of lush ripe and succulently juicy figs! (Even though I know she most likely was wearing Chanel #5 given that we would not arrive on the scene for at least another decade- this is my Mad Men fantasy…and Don Draper wears L’Eau du Navigateur, but I digress).

Every season has been packed with award winning drama, eye candy, a tub full of martini lunches, and enough cigarettes that I feel like I’ve smoked a pack just from watching it!

And please- a moment of reverence for the clothes….oh the clothes (!) …I hear costume designer Janie Bryant is designing a new clothing line set to debut on QVC.

What new trials await the dapper Don and dames of
Mad Men this season?

A Look at Mad Men Season 4

But more importantly, now that Joan has to go back to work-
will she be able to afford her French perfume?!


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