Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nuit de Tubéreuse Wild Posting Campaign & Contest!

As posted earlier, L'Artisan Parfumeur wanted to do something new and exciting for the Nuit de Tubéreuse campaign by getting artist Mike Davis (twelvecarpileup) to create an amazing poster for us!

As part of our Nuit de Tubéreuse campaign, we will have a "wild" posting of our finished poster all over the 5 boroughs of NY!  The purpose of this campaign is to bring the perfume into the streets of NY and the poster even has the graffiti edge to fit in perfectly!

We thought it would also be an exciting idea to do a contest to go along with our "wild" posting campaign!
For all those L'Artisan Parfumeur fans that are located in, or visiting the 5 boroughs, we challenge you to go out and keep your eyes open for our wonderful poster on the streets of NY.  If you happen to see it, take a picture of yourself with the poster and post it onto our Facebook wall!  We will choose 3 random winners by July 6th to receive a bottle of the luminous Nuit de Tubéreuse!

Go out and keep your eyes open for our poster and you could be a WINNER!

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