Friday, June 4, 2010

Nuit de Tubereuse & Graffiti Artist twelvecarpileup

L'Artisan Parfumeur decided to do something different for the launch of our new fragrance: Nuit de Tubereuse.  We collaborated with a US-based graffiti and digital artist, Mike Davis, to design a poster for us.  The inspiration for the image came from every aspect of what the perfume is all about.  Nuit de Tubereuse is a daring and narcotic perfume.  It is the perfume of a luminous and romantic summer evening in Paris intoxicated with bright lights and the vibrating night life.  We wanted Mike to be inspired not only by a these descriptions of the perfume, but the actual fragrance itself, so we gave him a bottle of the perfume to become even more inspired by.

This is the amazing image Mike created:

This unique art will appear globally at all of our boutiques as well as our poster campaign throughout NYC.

A little bit about our artist....

Mike Davis has been a professional graphic designer since 1999 and currently works for Burlesque Design and Screen printing in Minneapolis, MN.  His work is influenced by 1960s-70s design graffiti and street art.  His art influences include: Milton Glaser, Herb Lubalin, Peter Max, Otl Aicher, Saul Bass, Wes Wilson, Alfredo Rostgaard.  Some of Mike's favorite graphic designers that also inspire him are: Steve Harrigton, Geoff McFetridge, Adam Garcia and his colleagues at Burlesque.  Mike's most recent work has been mostly for music posters and album covers.

To learn more about Mike and his projects, watch this video interview:

Here is more of Mike's previous work that helped us choose him for our campaign:

You can see all of Mike's work at his online portfolio:

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