Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chandler Burr's Scent Dinners

Check out these clips from Chandler Burr's (New York Times' perfume critic) Scent Dinners:

"Collaborating with great chefs, he also hosts interactive Scent Dinners, masterclasses in gourmand scents and a series that takes diners through the structure and artistry of food-based scent raw materials (absolutes of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla) and the perfumes made from them. Burr creates an invisible 8-course olfactory dinner using gourmand perfumes from Angel (which uses a molecule in cotton candy) and Piment Brûlant (habanero pepper) to Light Blue (lemon + tart green apple) and Shalimar (rich vanilla). The chefs pair Burr's scent dinners with their culinary dinners, each edible course reflecting the gourmand perfume that precedes it. Burr has created his Scent Dinners with chefs Jimmy Sakatos of The Carlyle in New York, Martín Rios in Santa Fe, Samuel Benne of Lapérouse, Paris, Fabrice Guisset at Las Ventanas in Cabo, Mexico, and Vito Mollica, Ex Chef of the Four Seasons, Florence."

Four Season Restaurant Scent Dinner

PopTech Scent Dinner

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