Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year. New You? New Perfume!

All of us vow to start new and better habits at the beginning of each year. Quit smoking, start exercising, eat healthier. Why not start with a tiny baby step to get you in the mood for change?
Start with an easy everyday change, but one that can give you the feeling of a new identity. A new you for the New Year!

Making a change in your perfume can be as easy as switching from the Eau de Toilette version of your favorite standby to the Eau de Parfum version. Or as daring as going from one end of the spectrum, say a light citrus, to the total opposite end something like a deep and resinous woody elixir.

Luckily, with L’Artisan Parfumeur, we have so many perfumes in our range, the change will be easy to make. Let’s take a look…

For a quick no brainer way to make a change, stay in your favorite fragrance family:

Like light citrus perfumes?

Try a deeper, warmer citrus for something safe but different.

Usually a soliflore girl?

Try a deeper, more complex floral instead.

Wear sporty, green, lush fragrances?

Try an unusual mix of spice and green in place of your usual one.
Piment Brûlant

Another route could be to try a perfume not in the same family, but in a very similar one, say a green scent for those that usually wear citruses or a deep wood for someone that usually wears a rich oriental. These families are very close and very often mix and mingle in perfumer’s blends.

For example:
An Ambre Extrême devout could wear a deeper wood or incense fragrance such as Dzongkha or Passage d’Enfer with ease.

Have you worn Thé Pour en Été for years? Try Premier Figuier Eau de Toilette, a green, lush complex fruit perfect for a twist on the light and fresh fragrances.

Is Mûre et Musc your usual standby? Try some of our other fruits and gourmand scents like Jour de Fete, Ananas Fizz, Premier Figuier Extrême, Safran Troublant or Havana Vanille.

For those of you that really want a change for the New Year, be daring and try perfumes you’ve never tried before.
Come to the counter with plenty of bare skin, roll up your sleeves and dig in!

Always wear something light and fresh? Go for a deep and sexy oriental elixir.

Lighten your step with a crisp water note if you tend to wear rich woody scents.

The thing to remember here is to have fun!
It is not just a perfume. It is an attitude. A feeling. A memory.

Change your fragrance and you can change the world! Ok, maybe that’s a bit much…but you get my point.

Scentfully Yours,

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