Wednesday, September 9, 2009

L'Artisan Parfumeur Daily Rituals-Night Milk Bath

The Jatamansi Night Milk Ritual
Usually, on a day like today, when my energy is low, I have a mounting pile of folders on my desk, and I can't take one more message about a fragrance emergency- I take solace in knowing there is a beautiful white bottle of heaven waiting for me in my bathroom when I get home!

Most people don't take the time to actually soak in a tub. Let me tell you-you must make the time to do this ritual at least once a week.
Soaking your tired, over worked limbs helps to release built up toxins, softens skin, and forces you to stop and relax (some of us have to be forced!).

People might knock on the door-tell them to go away. Lock it if must be, but take your time for a calm, quiet, and candlelight Jatamansi Night Milk Bath.

First, set the mood...
Choose your favorite sleepy, languid music. Mine is usually some Astrid Gilberto,but choose what you like...
Then light our gorgeously organic Jatamansi candle. This 100% natural candle gives a light and relaxing scent to your bath.

Run your bath and as the tub is filling with warmth, pour a generous swirl of the Jatamansi Bath Milk and watch your regular bathtub turn into a milky white pool fit for Cleopatra herself! Slip into this intoxicating scented cream and melt away...

*For added softness:
Before entering your bath, take a dry loofah and give yourself a brisk dry brushing to loosen dead, dry skin cells. Working from the feet toward the heart, brush in circular motions to stimulate lymphatic drainage and exfoliate.

Follow bath with any L'Artisan Parfumeur Body Cream to further hydrate and soothe.
Enjoy your Night Milk Bath Ritual!

Scentfully Yours,

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