Friday, August 28, 2009

L'Artisan Parfumeur Daily Rituals-Morning Bliss

I have, for many years, been a spa fanatic. Mostly because I have been in the spa industry for most of my career, but also because I just love the relaxation and feeling of well-being it provides. There is no substitute for taking a moment to stop, breathe and let go of your daily stresses. Now, working for L'Artisan Parfumeur, my days are spent helping the world smell a little prettier, so my downtime doesn’t really allow for a lazy day at the salon or day spa.

Also, your skin is your largest organ and you must take care to keep it healthy just like any other part of your body. Gentle cleansing, internal and external hydration is key, however daily and weekly targeted maintenance is essential to keeping a glowing and healthful complexion.
Luckily, the
Jatamansi and Cote d’Amour body products from our organic line serve as a wonderful at-home spa treatment so I don’t have to miss out because of my busy schedule! Not only are these products 100% organic, they deliver aromas to revive, calm, or invigorate and the body care actually heals and treats the skin! Amazing!

I use several of the products as treatments during my daily routines, then a combination of products as a more intense treatment weekly.

Let me share…

Daily A.M.

1. I choose either the
Jatamansi Shower Gel or the Cote d’Amour Body Bar depending on if I need a little more hydration on my skin. The Cote d’Amour Body Bar is infused with Spirulina and is very hydrating and replenishing.
Our Jatamansi Shower Gel is better if I need to clarify my skin, say after a workout session (or if I’m particularly sleepy still since it is very invigorating!)

2. In the shower, using a natural loofah, I work in circular motions to loosen any dead cells and concentrate on rough areas such as elbows, heels, and knees.
This next part is most important though…While breathing in the beautiful aroma I have chosen to start my day; I calm my thoughts and focus.
That is the best part of starting my day with scent! It allows me to have a quick moment transported to another place through the luxury of scent.
So, don’t forget to breathe in deeply, slowly and release.

3. After rinsing completely I follow, on damp skin, with a quick and light massage of the
Jatamansi Dry Oil to lock in moisture. A lot of people wrinkle their nose at the use of body oils; however this organic oil is mineral oil-free which means it slips right into your skin. Just lightly towel dry and go!

*Extra attention for thirsty skin!!
For really dry or damaged skin, like my legs or arms after a weekend at the beach (yuck!) I follow with the healing effects of the
Jatamansi Body Cream.
Because of the high mineral content, anti-oxidants, and vitamins in the Cote d’Amour Body Cream it is especially beneficial for the delicate d├ęcolletage area. Use daily for anti-aging results.
Lastly, lightly dust with your favorite
L’Artisan Parfumeur fragrance. Here are a few that pair well with the above body products.

The Jatamansi Body Care Line:
Jatamansi Eau de Toilette
L’Ete en Douce

L’Eau de l’Artisan

Or play and create your own blend!

It would seem all this pampering care would take hours…not really. Keep all the products in a handy place, and just do it. Once you start incorporating this into your morning routine, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without making this a part of your everyday life.
Daily rituals help bring calmness and peace – something we can all make time for!
Scentfully Yours!
p.s. stay tuned for P.M. rituals and more...

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